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Appliqúed Quilts

These are some of the appliqued quilts I've made in the last 5 years. Some are hand appliqued and some are appliqued
on the machine using a blanket stitch or satin stitch/zig zag.

Click on the image below to see enlarged.

DCP_0179.jpg (95kb) DCP_0199.jpg (80kb) DCP_0522.jpg (56kb) DCP_0980_resize.jpg (113kb) Dcp_0984a_resize.jpg (71kb)
DCP_1479.jpg (78kb) DCP_1481.jpg (64kb) DCP_1500.jpg (91kb) Dcp_4437.jpg (45kb) Dcp_4926.jpg (60kb)
Dcp_6038.jpg (80kb) DCP_8800.jpg (56kb) DCP_9060.jpg (62kb) DCP_9304.jpg (121kb) DCP_9339.jpg (73kb)
DCP_9340.jpg (61kb) DCP_9976.jpg (59kb) DSCN1575_resize.jpg (96kb) Dylis Fronks Meets the Ugly Butterfly.jpg (82kb) Final quilt 1.jpg (48kb)
poppies1.jpg (35kb) The Girls.jpg (79kb)