Lake Shasta Caverns,

Day 12: We drove south toward Yosemite but passed Mt. Shasta on the way. We decided to stop and see the Lake Shasta Caverns. We had to take a boat ride across the lake then a bus ride to the cavern. It was fairly unimpressive. The lake was very low due to the dry summer and irrigation upriver. We drove to Yosemite then and were disappointed there, too. It was so crowded everywhere we went. We stopped and got a picture of Half Dome, then drove to BridalVeil Falls. We wanted to see more of the falls, but there was just no water anywhere. We would have had to hike alot to see any of the falls (if there was even any water in them) and we just didn't want to take the time. There was no place to camp in Yosemite because you have to make reservations in advance even to camp there and all the campgrounds were full. We stopped at the Sequoia trees but you weren't allowed to get near any of the trees unless you paid money and got on the tram ride. We didn't do that... So, we left Yosemite and decided to just drive on home. We got home about 4am and slept all the next day.

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