Wine Tasting

Day 6: We started our wine tasting tour from the Bike store where we got the map and instructions. They call ahead to the wineries to let them know we're coming and if we purchase any wine, they pick it up at the end of the day. The first winery we went to was Vincent Arroyo Winery. There were several people there and we got to see lots of the equipment they use for making wine. The other wineries didn't have that kind of tour. This winery also had an olive tree grove and sold their own label of olive oil. We got a bottle of port and a bottle of dipping oil. The next winery was Bennett Vineyards. We got three bottles from there. Then the next one was called Envy. We got a bottle from there. We stopped back in Callistoga and got some lunch before the next part of the tour. We went to August Briggs Vineyards and Twomey but by then we were kinda wined out. It was a fun day and we figured we rode about 16 miles.

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