Salt Point Camping, Point Arena Lighthouse
and Drive Through Tree

Day 7: We left Callistoga right after our wine tour and headed back to the coast. After a slight detour (we got lost), we tried to stop at a campground but they were full. It was Friday evening and we were told that all of the campgrounds were full but the lady at the entry called ahead to the Salt Point Campground which was about 10 miles north and got us a tent spot. The campground was very nice and the accomodations were ok. No showers, but clean. The only complaint was that the people next to us were very noisy... I think it was the Loud Family. They didn't even start cooking their dinner till about 10pm. Anyway, they eventually quieted down and we slept well (especially after drinking wine all day). Next morning we took the trail down to the beach. It was a mile walk but very steep downhill at the beach. We just drove up the coast this day. We stopped at Point Arena Lighthouse. We also stopped at the "Drive-Through Tree". That night we stayed at Benbow State Park Campground.

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