Eureka, Clam Beach, Whale Watching,
Brookings, OR

Day 8: Alan fixed oatmeal for breakfast and we packed up the car and headed to Eureka. We wanted to see a Saw Mill Tour in
Eureka, but being Sunday, it was closed. We had brunch at a place called the Harvest House in Eureka and it was very good. You could tell it was going to be good because the place was packed. We stopped again at Clam Beach thinking we would see people digging for clams, but there wasn't anyone there. We walked for awhile on the beach and collected shells. It was overcast and threatened to be cold, but it was nice... just a little breezy. We stopped again at a ranger station called Patrick's Point and rode our bikes to the beach where we talked to a man that was whale watching so we stayed long enough to see some whales. We continued north to Brookings, Oregon where we spent the night.

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