Port Orford, Disc Golf at Coos Bay, Sand Dunes,
Florence and the Suislaw River

Day 9: Alan fixed oatmeal in the room and we enjoyed it in our little sitting room looking out on the beach. We drove north from
Brookings to Port Orford. As we drove through town, Alan spotted a quilt store so we stopped and went in. Alan lasted for about 3 minutes, but I stayed awhile. It was a very nice store and had lots of fabric. We ate at a place called The Crazy Norweigan where we had the best fish and chips on the trip. We continued north to Coos Bay where we stopped so Alan could play disc golf. In that area, the beach area becomes sand dunes and there are places to rent quads. We didn't do that, but watched others having fun in the sand. We stopped a couple of places so we could go to the beach. That night we stayed in Florence right on the Suislaw River.

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