Paige's Adventure

Colleen and Veda on the piles of rock. Paige is already climbing around the outside to get to the hole.


Paige climbing up to the hole. She can't get any higher than the rock she's on now so she climbs back down and goes around
the right side of the rock to the other side to see if she can get up there.

Paige, Veda and Colleen are sitting at the foot of the hole under the area where the rock fell with Paige standing on it.
Paige fell approximately 15 feet and landed on her feet.


You can see the other side of the rock where Paige first tried to climb. The girls are sitting on the
right side of the rock below the hole.


Paige climbed down the mountain with her hurt feet and put a water bottle of ice on her ankle.


After hiking another mile past where she fell, we finally flagged down a horse train with saddle horses for Paige to ride to the Campground.


Paige says goodbye to meet us at the bottom of the canyon.


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